该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:全球民众以各种方式迎接2019年2019-01-01
People around the world are saying goodbye to what many considered to be a troubling year.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:美国研究发觉太空工作不会缩短宇航员寿命2019-01-01
Astronauts are generally well-educated, earn more money and in better physical condition than the average American.
Many hotels and vacation getaways are asking guests to limit their use of wireless devices. They want people to spend more time with family and be more mindful.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:中国武术与斗牛技巧的融合2018-12-31
Chinese martial arts fighters have their own take on the sport of bullfighting.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:科学家研究意大利大恐龙化石2018-12-31
Researchers in Italy have found an unusual dinosaur. They said that the ancient land animal somehow ended up in the sea where it was a meal for many different sea creatures.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 彩53彩票VOA慢速英语附字幕:科幻名作《弗兰肯斯坦》出版200周年2018-12-31
It’s alive! Its alive! Its alive! Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, turned 200 years old in 2018!
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕[翻译]:什么是杰利蝾螈(Gerrymander)?2018-12-31
The term was first used in 1812 by an artist who made pictures for a newspaper. The artist wanted to call attention to a strangely-shaped voting area in the state of Massachusetts.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:词汇典故:你的新年决心是什么?2018-12-30
Today we talk about the word resolution. Resolution is a word with more than one meaning.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:非洲国家要求法国回还其艺术品2018-12-30
Up to 90 percent of African artifacts are located outside the continent. And many African nations want those objects back.
VOA慢速英语:美国大学学费昂贵 学校为学生提供经济援助2018-12-30
With the cost of a college education in the United States haven risen greatly over the past 30 years, students need all the financial support they can get. Luckily many schools offer some form of aid. But the process of applying for it can be complex.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:美国对俄罗斯超高声速武器试验作出反应2018-12-29
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the successful test of an extremely fast weapon that would be ready soon. The U.S. Defense Department said its existence could create an imbalance between the two countries, and cause America to develop its own hypersonic weapons.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕[翻译]:请教老师:Sorry与Excuse Me的区别2018-12-29
Have you ever wondered about the difference between Excuse me and Sorry? Todays question comes from our reader Slava.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:2018年艺术与文化大事记2018-12-29
2018 was a big year in the world of Arts and Culture. Some of the big events, however, had less to do with movies or music and more to do with politics or social issues.
Everyone grows old and will someday die. Every culture deals with aging and dying in different ways. Find out how one native North American comes to accept what will happen to him in the last few days of his life in this classic American short story by Jack London.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕[翻译]:2018年逝世的公众人物们2018-12-28
Anti-apartheid activist Winnie Mandela and astronaut Alan Bean were among those we lost this year.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:美国官方宣布新措施应对移民儿童死亡问题2018-12-28
Department of Homeland Security officials defended their actions and called for new measures after the death of a second migrant child in U.S. detention. An eight-year-old boy from Guatemala died at a New Mexico hospital this week.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:美国男子独自穿越南极洲创造历史2018-12-28
A Portland, Oregon man has become the first person to travel across Antarctica by himself without receiving any assistance.
Every language in the world has words that express sounds. These are called onomatopoetic words. When a person says an onomatopoetic word, the sound of the word copies the natural sound the word is identifying.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 彩53彩票VOA慢速英语附字幕:日本将于2019年复启商业捕鲸活动2018-12-27
Japan announces plans to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission and to restart commercial whale hunting. The hunts are to be limited to Japanese territorial waters. A Japanese official also said his country plans to stop whale hunting in the Antarctic and northern Pacific Ocean waters.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕[翻译]:朝鲜和韩国官员庆祝联合铁路项目开工2018-12-27
North and South Korea held a ceremony on Wednesday to mark the beginning of an effort to modernize the North’s railways and roads. The countries received permission from the U.N. for a joint inspection of North Korea’s railroad system.
The Muscogee Creek Nation covers nearly two million hectares of land and 11 Oklahoma counties, with a total population of about 950,000. Recognizing MCN’s jurisdiction meant all this land was legally “Indian Country.”
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:研究人员:鸡幸福吗?2018-12-26
How do you measure a chicken’s happiness? Is it in the way it runs for food? Or by how much time it spends cleaning itself? To find the answers to these questions, researchers in Canada are putting 16 kinds of chickens through a series physical and mental tests.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕[翻译]:84岁老妇人:大学学位的终生目标,达成!2018-12-26
One American woman waited many years to reach her goal of receiving a college degree. But it finally happened.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 VOA慢速英语附字幕:为什么美国人的预期寿命在下降?2018-12-26
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported recently that there were more than 2.8 million deaths in the United States in 2017. Of those,47,000 were suicides and 70,000 were drug overdoses.
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